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About AAP

The American Academy of Pediatrics is an organization of 67​,000 pediatricians committed to the optimal physical, mental, and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. ​

Academy chapters are independently incorporated, organized groups of pediatricians and other health care professionals working to provide quality care in their communities. Each chapter determines its goals and priorities and recognizes its own unique identity. There are 59 United States chapters, including the Mississippi Chapter, and 7 in Canada.

The AAP was founded in 1930 by 35 pediatricians to serve as an independent forum to address children’s health needs. At that time, the idea that children had unique developmental and health needs was new. Practices that are now standard preventive care (i.e., immunization, regular health exams) were only just beginning to change the custom of treating children as “miniature adults.” The Academy also maintains the Pediatric History Center, which collects and archives materials related to the history of pediatrics in the United States and Canada and the history of the Academy itself.

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