A History of MS Pediatrics

A History of Mississippi Pediatrics was an offshoot of another project. For years the Department of Pediatrics hung its annual department composite photograph in the Department of Pediatrics library. Dr. Rick Barr, then Chairman of Pediatrics, asked me if there were names to go with the photographs. There wasn’t, of course, and neither was record of all past residents, fellows and faculty. After researching this for about a year, I was able to identify 99% of the figures, complete a list of all residents, chief residents, fellows and faculty from 1955 to 2015.

While researching the above, I came across many stories about famous and sometimes infamous pediatricians, pediatric organizations, and public health UMMC and the Department of pediatrics. My goal was to account for every pediatrician who has practiced in Mississippi and the communities where they practiced.

My hope is that readers will help me update this book by providing me with corrections and changes in their practices (deaths, retirees, new partners or practice groups, etc.).

If you want to make a contribution, please e-mail your edits and I will periodically revise the manuscript.

I thank the Mississippi Chapter of the AAP for hosting this book. I hope you will enjoy it.

Owen B. Evans, MD